Call For Papers

The scope of this workshop includes, but is not limited to:

  • Applications of Educational Recommender Systems
    Academic (e.g., academic programs, degrees or courses ) recommendations
    Recommendation of informal learning opportunities
    Book recommendations
    Scholar/Paper/Citation recommendations
    Recommendations in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
    Recommendations in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
    Recommendations of materials for ESL users
    Recommendations of K-12 educational search queries
    Recommendations of materials for non-traditional student
    Affective computing in educational recommender systems
  • Methodologies for Educational Recommender Systems
    Educational Data Mining and Machine Learning
    Semantic or content-based recommendations
    Group/context-aware/trust-based/Cross-domain Recommendation
    Affective/Emotion-aware Recommendation
    Recommendation based on collaborative intelligence
    Recommendation based on social networks or knowledge graphs
    Recommendation based on transfer learning
    Recommendations based on readability levels
    Recommendations based on experts’ knowledge
  • Data Analytics and User Modeling for Educational Recommender Systems
    Publicly available data sets for educational or TEL recommender systems
    Information fusion for educational or TEL recommendation
    Evaluation criteria and methods for educational or TEL recommender systems
    User modeling for educational or TEL recommender systems

Submission Instructions and Review Process

We accept two types of submissions:

  • Research Papers (4 pages): present original research work which should report on substantial contributions of lasting value.
  • Position Papers (2 pages): Discuss exciting new work that is not yet mature, or open challenges in promising research directions. We also accept papers presenting late-breaking research results and speculative or innovative work in progress.
  • All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least 2-3 program committee members on the basis of technical quality, relevance, significance, and clarity. The accepted papers will be included in the Workshop Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. The workshop only accepts online submissions.


Available Data Sets
A list of available data sets you may consider to use can be found from here: